Following a protest by students of the College yesterday over death of a final year female student, the Management of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) has immediately suspended all students of the institution for four weeks.

The students woke up to a memo directing their immediate vacation from all halls of residence and suspension of all academic activities on the College’s campus. Yesterday, the rector had addressed the protesters and promised that their demands for two weeks period of postponement of their impending exams, one week within which will be period of mourning for the deceased student.

While the students awaited a memo to its effect, the rector was allegedly to have attempted being smuggled out of the campus to avoid presenting the memo to the students. The students, we learnt caught up with her at the gate and stopped her vehicle, asking her to return to the waiting crowd for the presentation of the memo.

A final year student of the Office Technology and Management, Lasan Charity had died from alleged negligence of staff at the College’s medical center and had resulted in the protest of yesterday. The students have shut the gate again in reaction to news of their suspension this morning, calling it a breach of agreement.


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