Former Borno state Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff once again says he has nothing to do with the formation or running of the terror group Boko Haram. Sheriff who is the new national chairman of the nation’s main opposition party, PDP, says the Australian who allegedly linked him to the formation and running of the group is a paid hatchet man, adding that he is also a victim of the group having lost his brother to the group.

After a wait lasting over 6 hours, the former Borno state Governor and new National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party came into the hall with members of the National Executive Committee following in his wake. The formalities over, he opened the floor telling reporters and members of the media gathered that he is ready to clear the air on some issues leading to his emergence as National Chairman.

But as it’s the case with anything concerning him, the questions invariably veered to the terror group, Boko Haram and his perceived role as sponsor and founder of the group. In his response, he says the records are there for all to see, adding that as Governor and Chief Security Officer of the state, the group was decimated within 5 days. For him, nobody who is in position of authority in Nigeria can accuse him of being a Boko Haram sponsor. As for the Australian who accused him of being a Boko Haram sponsor, he has this response.


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