The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Solomon Arase has said police officers need the presence of God to effectively perform their duties. The IGP spoke in Abuja on Sunday during the Thanksgiving Service to mark the 11th Biennial Police Games and Week at the National Christian Centre. He explained that the strenuous and difficult nature of their job makes the presence of God an important factor.

According to Arase, “the spiritual upliftment of police officers is very important because it is God that puts in vision in our minds and being police officers, our job is so strenuous and difficult. So, we need the presence of God to be able to guide the citizens right.

“If you are a banker and you make an error, you lose money, but as a police officer, if you make an error, you lose lives and you know that is very critical. We police officers must be very prayerful and close to God so that our decisions and the things that we use in pushing up our men are such that are not fatal to their lives,” Arase said.


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