The Nigerian Government has called on the media to impose self censorship in the reportage of national security issues that could endanger the corporate co-existence of the country. Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed made this call at the 2016 Defence correspondent seminar in Abuja. He says there is need for public information strategy to enlighten Nigerians on the important role the military plays in defending the nation’s integrity.

The security situation in Nigeria is still rather fluid and calls for the patriotic commitment of all institutions, citizen, government as well as non government organisations. The role of media is paramount as it’s the watch dog of the society. Minister of Information represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry says, there should be a synergy between the media and military as it serve as a mobilizer and stabilizer of national cohesion and development.

The synergy between the media and the military will help solve the national crisis. Chief of Defence staff says the seminar is to refresh the wisdom of effective relationship between the military and the media and serves as an indication of the military commitment and policy towards building a robust partnership between the military and the media.


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