Lead Nigeria into prosperity, Fayemi challenges leaders

Kayode Fayemi.

The governor of Ekiti State Kayode Fayemi says there is need to set the country on a path to sustainable economic development through a clear policy frame work that will help eradicate some of the challenges the country’s economy is facing.

He disclosed this through a representative at an event in Lagos.

The calls for a review to resolve some of the economic challenges of the country have grown louder over the last few months especially with reports indicating the dire state of the purchasing power of the average Nigerian.

This was the background to this event in Lagos themed “Fixing the Economy; Less Politics More Substance”.

Fayemi, who was the guest speaker at the event, said through a representative there was need to create a business enabling environment that will in turn create a sense of competition in the economy of the country.

He said this would help in attracting foreign investors. 

He reminded leaders of their responsibility to elevate the country and its people from poverty.


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