Lagos shuts Chinese firm after Nigerian teen death


The Lagos State Safety Commission has sealed a Chinese firm, Cheng-Fa Nigeria Limited operating in the State for electrical infractions, environmental hazards and poor working conditions which had caused the electrocution of Joseph Ekwenube, a 14-year-old casual worker with the company.

Speaking on the incident, the Commission’s Director-General, Mr. Hakeem Dickson stated that the firm was shut because it is not safety compliant as it lacks basic safety equipment and poor wiring system among other workplace safety violations.

Dickson warned the management of the Chinese firm to abstain from breaking or removing the seal broken until satisfactory safety measures are put in place, otherwise they will face the full wrath of the Law.

While lamenting that many other companies operating in Lagos violate safety guidelines, he urged organisations to be more proactive than reactive in order to ensure safety measures are properly put in place for staff and visitors.

The Director-General reiterated the present administration’s commitments to safety of lives and property of all residents in the State, noting that the government is determined to do everything within its power to ensure that all organisations in Lagos comply with best practice in International Safety Operations.


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