UN rapporteur report of violence in Nigeria disappointing – Presidency


The Presidency has said that it is disappointed by a UN rapporteur report of violence In Nigeria. While the Presidency agrees that the violence in Nigeria, or in any country, is a major concern and that there is a rippling effect, the Presidency said it is disappointed that the rapporteur was silent on intra-group violence.

Spokesman to the Presidency, Mr Garba Shehu argued on Friday that in Benue, Taraba, Cross River States and many parts of the country, most of the casualties result from intra-group, inter-group and community violence, adding that many of the displaced persons across the nation are also victims of these conflicts. Mr Garba stated that there is absolutely no doubt that violence between farmers and herders, which has a long history in Nigeria spiked in recent years but the effectiveness with which the Federal and State authorities responded made a big difference.

He further stressed that calm has virtually returned to all parts affected by the peculiar violence, hence the reason the Presidency is disappointed by the UN report.


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