Reps decry housing deficit, move to reduce benchmarks


The House of Representatives Committee on Housing and Habitat has decried the housing deficit in Nigeria, especially for retirees. At the inaugural meeting of the committee in Abuja on Tuesday, the Chairman, Mr Mustapha Dawaki, said it was unfortunate that Nigerians could retire after many years of working without having their own homes.

Members of the committee, therefore, suggested amendments to relevant laws to make mortgage more accessible to low-income earners.

Dawaki said, “I believe that in the housing sector, we also have a chunk of money especially the initiative that President Muhammadu Buhari came up with; that is the National Housing Programme. Under the NHP, the first year, the appropriation was about40- something billion naira and the second year was about NN36bn. I don’t know what is proposed in this (2020) budget.


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