Buratai dares insurgents, climbs ‘dreaded’ Gwoza hills in Borno


The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai recently climbed the dreaded Gwoza hill in Borno State, an enclave notorious for habiting Boko Haram terrorists. In a gesture that appears to be daring the terrorists in their hideout, as well as shoring up the people’s confidence in the military, Buratai climbed the hills in the symbolic defeat of the insurgents.

Buratai after climbing the hills assured the people of Gwoza that areas, where the insurgents hibernate, have been identified. He vowed that the army will ramp up operations to clear them out. This action by the Chief of Army Staff follows the outcry of Borno residents who believe Boko Haram insurgents are lurking around the mountain.

Gwoza was liberated from the hands of insurgents in March 2015 after serving as the caliphate of the insurgents for many months.


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