MAY DAY: “You deserve our gratitude, you are one of the best across the world”, Jandor tells Lagos workers


Mr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran, the lead visioner of Team Jandor has joined other notable Leaders to celebrate Nigeria workers on the occasion of the International Workers Day which holds every 1st of May. Jandor acknowledged the efforts of Nigerian workers, most especially that of Lagos, for placing the State as the commercial capital of the country through their dedication and innovations, which is now a model within and outside the shores of the country.

Dedicating this year celebration to Lagos Healthcare Workers, Jandor recalled their swift response and a world class  services as reflected in the manner in-which the Ebola Virus outbreak were handled and now the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Our Health Workers are one of the best you can find anywhere across the world, from the records, they are doing better than many of their counterparts even in the developed countries”.

He said “When the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, praised the Nigerian Government for the proper handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I know well within me that our health workers are super and we owe them a lot of gratitude.”

The Lead Visioner of the Lagos Based Socio-Political Group, went further to advocate a stimulus package for all employers of Labour to enable them keep their work force, as the over one month lockdown has dealt a big blow on the economy, which has started affecting private businesses.


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