World Telecommunications and Information Day 2020: Jandor laments untapped opportunity


As the world battles post COVID-19 economic woes, the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, Mr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran has urged the government to look into the untapped opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology sectors to diversify the economy.

While speaking on this year’s theme; “Connect 2030: ICTs for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Jandor enjoins government at all levels to commence investment  on ICT related infrastructure that would ensure a seamless integration with the rest of the world, as our new norm has shown to be ICT driven.

The statement reads:

Innovations in Science and technology have equally become more important factors towards economic growth. The Corona Virus Pandemic has further exposed the inadequate ICT based infrastructure as evidenced in the inability of the nation’s public schools to join their counterparts in the rest of the world on virtual learning’s. Records from world power economy has shown that adequate tech system through trade in goods and services is now the way to go.

Meanwhile countries that have invested more in tech are now reaping more profit in spite of the global Corona-Virus which is halting the World Economy. Nigeria and other African countries have continued to pay for services rendered in foreign companies with little or no competition from African Nations., a UK base media outfit, confirmed that Zoom, which allows users to talk to up to 99 other people simultaneously,  now have market value of $42bn.

Amazon, an online retail store also declared $75.5 billion on profit in the first quarter of 2020. The rate of mobile data consumption in Nigeria has risen and we need to bring all this to our own advantage. So, it is imperative that Nigeria focus on the untapped opportunities in ICT for economy diversification.


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