Project Restart: Premier League plan surprise inspections during training


Surprise inspections, GPS tracking and video analysis are methods that could be used to ensure clubs adhere to new safety guidance as they prepare for the resumption of the Premier League. Teams agreed to start non-contact training in small groups from Tuesday.

“Gradually, we aim to ramp that up so we can have an inspector at every training ground,” said Richard Garlick, the league’s director of football. “That will enable us to give confidence the protocols are being complied with.”

He added: “We are looking at bringing in our own independent audit inspection team that we’ll scale up over the next few days which will give us the ability to have inspections at training grounds to start with on a no-notice basis.”

After Monday’s ‘Project Restart’ meeting with clubs, Richard Masters, Premier League’s chief executive, also revealed that a trophy presentation for the title winners, likely to be Liverpool, remains part of the plans. He said: “We would try to do it unless it wasn’t possible because of safety concerns.”


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