No Govt. has done more for democracy, freedom of speech than Buhari administration – Presidency


The Presidency on Tuesday said no other government has done more for democracy and freedom of speech than the Muhammadu Buhari administration. In a press release signed by spokesman Garba Shehu, the Presidency said the Buhari administration’s tolerance for divergent views has opened it up to “puerile” attacks.

The release was addressed to ‘The Coalition of Northern Groups” which had reportedly disassociated itself from the nation’s “Democracy Day”. “Nigeria recognises Democracy Day because for many decades since independence, the fight for the right for Nigerians to choose their own government in their own name was not complete,” the statement read in part. “A prominent citizen of the country, Chief MKO Abiola died trying to do just this.

The statement continued: “Yet when groups such as the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) put out statements claiming that Democracy Day holds no purpose and the government somehow wishes for the northern states to be struggling it is embarrassing not for the government but for the group, its members and their sponsors.


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