Alleged Attack: Groups demand protection for businessman targeted by Boko Haram


Coalition of Civil Society Groups has raised an alarm over the continued onslaught by the Boko Haram terrorists on the President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Real Estate Investors and Financial Services, Chief Anslem Gbemudu, following insinuations that he was instrumental to the death of their leader, Mohammed Yusuf in 2009.

The Islamic sect since 2009 had masterminded several attempts to eliminate Gbemudu’s life, execute his family and destroy all his engagements within the shores of Nigeria adding that they also have placed surveillance to inform them of his stepping into Nigeria for his most eminent assassination making the California-based businessman and the United States Defense Logistics contractor survived death by the whiskers in 2009 escaped back to his base in the USA.

The group in a statement signed by Convener Initiative For Social Progress International David Yusuf, Co-Convener Nigeria National Coalition for Democracy and Good Governance Abbah Michael Co-Convener Mass Movement for a New Nigeria, Dansirja Ibraheem Hamza, recalled that the USA Army Veteran and Nigerian citizen of one of the most respected royal families in Delta State have domiciled and gathered sufficient knowledge on the management of top profile security confrontations in the United States.

“He saw reason to, in the wake of the security concerns in Nigeria, to come back home and deploy his intellectual and professional acumen to dissuading the minds of younger Nigerians particularly in the higher institutions of learning in Northern Nigeria who were hypnotized with distorted Qur’anic teachings by Mohammed Yusuf, his cohorts and hirelings.” “To check the negative and rapidly growing evil agenda and influence Mohammed Yusuf was exerting using religion to convert sincere Muslims into terrorists, Chief Anslem Gbemudu in 2008 and 2009 embarked on a mission to neutralise the ideas of Islamic extremism and warfare that was been inculcated at that time. 

“He recorded monumental success in disarming the grip of inordinate religious teachings on young and innocent Muslims who later refuted Mohammed Yusuf and his representations.” “With Mohammed’s death in 2009 following an unsuccessful attempt to evade police custody, members of his sect drew illogical conclusions that Chief Anslem Gbemudu could not be extricated of blameworthiness to the ill fate of their acclaimed spiritual leader.”


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