Lagos for Lagos: Women’s long yearnings for inclusiveness is guaranteed – Jandor


The alleged segregation of the society against the women has been a long agitation which became a talk for national discourse and global concern. Even in politics, the women have not rightfully gained their deserved place, either to elected positions or through appointment.

In its bid to ensure that women are rightfully placed, having proved their exceptional leadership prowess in their respective areas of specialisation, Team Jandor appointed women to take strategic positions; top of it is the appointment of Funke Ijayekunle as the Central Coordinator who is in charge of the day to day affairs of the sociopolitical group.

In furtherance of his quest to ensure that women no longer play a second fiddle at leadership positions, the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, noted that “women play pivotal role during electioneering process, but usually abandoned when forming cabinet and government”.

He, however, assured that “women’s long yearnings for inclusiveness is guaranteed in our #Lagos4Lagos project.”


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