International Youth Day: Jandor charges Youth to take control


The Nigerian youth have been charged to take advantage of their numbers to bring the much-needed vigor and creativity to our development and nation building through quality representation at all levels of governance. While celebrating the youth on this year’s International Youths Day themed “Youth Engagement for Global Action” the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, a Lagos based Sociopolitical Group, Mr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran, praised the Nigerian Youth for making the country proud both at home and in Diaspora.

In a video released across all social media platforms today addressing the youth, especially in Lagos, Jandor enjoined them to utilize their prime to galvanize positive developments in the society, just as majority of today’s old and weary politicians, who we keep recycling, did in their own youth.

He said “our world today is quite fast-paced with ever constant changing dynamics; it requires leadership that is ahead, creative, nimble and equal to the task” in emphasising the urgency of the task at hand, he stated, “the average age of our leaders today is 60years, and even with their best efforts, there’s only so much they can offer as they are, understandably, no more as agile as they were in their prime.”

While urging the youths to shun any form of illegal activities that may bring disrepute to the image of the country, he further charged the youth to start participating in active politics, “for the love of our Lagos, let’s come together and infuse the energy and ingenuity of youth in the business of governance.

At Team Jandor and all of our associated fora, the youth take significant positions and we equally recommend them for roles of significant responsibilities.

It is time to take charge” he added.


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