KNCV Leadership: Gidado takes over as new Exe. Dir. assures of effective fight against Tuberculosis


Doctor Mustapha Gidado has become the first non-Dutch professional to man the position of the Executive Director at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, situated at The Hague in Netherlands. 

At a virtual meeting hosted by the organization, the new executive director of KNCV, Gidado reeled out his plans towards the fight against tuberculosis across the world.

Answering question on the need for effective awareness creation on the disease, Gidado assured that the campaign against tuberculosis will be taken to the rural areas to achieve desired objective.

According to the organization, Gidado’s progressive career in the quest for a Tuberculosis free world started at the National Tuberculosis & Leprosy Control Programme Training Center in Zaria and received a significant impact and growth at the same programme of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health that provided him opportunity for secondment to KNCV many years ago.


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