Lagos4Lagos: Team Jandor membership soars in Lagos East Senatorial district


The daily increase in the number of registered members of Team Jandor, a Lagos based socio-political group, has been described as a very positive and encouraging development.

Addressing the executive members of the Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas at the Liberty Place in Ikeja on Sunday, the Lead Visioner of the group, Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, applauded the commitment of the team for recording a striking increase in the membership base and described it as a positive leap towards the actualization of the Lagos4Lagos project.

Jandor, as he is fondly called, just concluded a 2-day working visit to the Badagry division of the Lagos West Senatorial where similar successes were recorded. Jandor stated that “in alignment with our plans we are firmly on course to bring everyone within the three Senatorial Districts of Lagos State closer to our Lagos4Lagos initiative”

While charging the members to take the planned next steps as serious, he said “our vision to put an end to make Lagos work for all in Lagos is achievable”.


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