Nigeria’s Unity: South East Youths to honor Buhari, DG, DSS as ambassadors, proposes symposium on National Unity


South East Youths under the aegis of Federation of South South & South East Youths Movement rising from an extraordinary emergency meeting in Abuja on Monday nominated President Buhari and the director general, department of state security as ambassadors of national unity and cohesion. The president of the group Mr Austin Akogwu while reading the communique highlighted the commitment of President Buhari administration to National Unity. 

He further maintained that the department of state security under Mr Yusuf Magaji Bichi has demonstrated the capacity and Professionalism needed to keep the country together and free from internal threats. The session was convened as part of activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the Nigerian state after independence. “We have been living together pre and post-independence on the foundation of unity and that remains our greatest strength” Mr Akogwu maintained.

“This country is no doubt stronger together and has to remain together no matter the misgivings” he further urged the youth to spread the message of unity among themselves and to champion the course of Nigeria’s indivisibility at all times. This session has been convened to reappraise the gains so far made as an independent nation over the last six decades. It is to provide the youth of today a platform to correct mistakes of the past so that we can be guided into a more united and prosperous Nigeria”

We are grateful to president Buhari for giving direction to security agencies to recognise and accommodate various tendencies within the nation. “We are particularly satisfied with the professionalism of the men of department of state security who have been fixated on their constitutional mandate of detecting maintaining internal security in the country. Never in recent times have we had such a tolerant and professional secret service” the group commended the leadership of the state security service and pledged their moral support to help quell down youth uprisings in the south east.

Highlights of the session was an appeal to youths of the region to resist attempts by selfish elements to use them to destabilize the nation and disrupt the nations unity. The activities of IPOB members were totally condemned by the youth groups and they pledged to continue to hold sensitisation activities to de-radicalise the people of the south east region who have been brainwashed. “Let me remind us that the major proponents of the IPOB movement and ideologies is a British citizen and based in the United Kingdom. So apart from instigating occasional violence from abroad, what other prospect does this achieve for his people?

“As future leaders of the country from the South East region, we should be able to protect our future against sabotage under whatever guise. “Nothing is more than our national unity as a people”. “In order to encourage president Buhari to continue to give positive direction to the security agencies, we propose a one-day symposium on “National Unity & Cohesion’ to mark the nation’s 60 years of internal peace” the group maintained. The group also nominated the DG DSS, Mr Yusuf Magaji Bichi for award as ambassador of National Unity and pledged unalloyed support to the department of state security to achieve their constitutional mandate.


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