Lagos4Lagos: Jandor inaugurates Ndigbo structure across 57 LGs/LCDAs


In the quest to continuously spread her wings to all ethnic groups across the state, Jandor formally inaugurated the Ndigbo Local Government and Local Council Development Areas structure. Team Jandor, a Lagos based socio-political group, had announced that the major ethnic groups in Lagos, which include the Arewas, Igbos, South–South, will expand their structures through the inauguration of the LGAs/LCDAs executives.

Led by Dr. Jonathan Nnaji, the Ndigbo in Team Jandor newly inaugurated executives represent the 20 LGAs and 37LCDAs in the state. In his inaugural speech, Dr. Nnaji said “this is a vision of Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, which by God’s grace have turned into one great movement for our emancipation. “This is especially for us the Igbos who have major stake in Lagos State, therefore I call on everyone to take this advantage to be part of this ‘Lagos4Lagos’ phenomenon, because this is a time for a new dawn,” he articulated.

While congratulating the newly inaugurated executives, the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, noted that the drive to commence a new dawn is a collective effort of the people of Lagos who have resolved to make Lagos work for all in Lagos. Jandor, as he is fondly called, said, “Everyone is important to this project, as long as you work in Lagos, live in Lagos, pay tax in Lagos, then Lagos4Lagos is a movement for you.”

“I am extremely happy to see you in your numbers, the Ndigbo leaders have called me to give their blessings, and all I can say is to congratulate you, a special place is reserved for you as you stay dedicated to contributing your quota to make Lagos work for all in Lagos,” he added. The ethnic group, Ndigbo in Team Jandor, just like others, is an arm of the Lagos based socio-political group with an increasing member base across the three senatorial districts of Lagos.


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