Nigeria marks 60th Independence Anniversary


Nigeria marks its 60th independence anniversary today. Six decades after its independence from Great Britain, Africa’s largest economy and most populous country stands as one despite years of military rule, a civil war, widespread poverty, stagnant development, cancerous corruption, and a plethora of security challenges.

While some believe the nation’s troubles are a sign of its inevitable disintegration, others, citing its power of diversity, abundant natural resources and an avalanche of talented individuals, maintain the future is bright. To mark the Independence anniversary, the Federal Government has said celebrations will be low-key.

On Thursday morning, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians and called for a sincere process of national healing, while tackling pressing national issues such as rising oil prices and electoral reform.

Reacting to Buhari’s speech on Thursday, a former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega said the government must go beyond talking to implementation.


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