Lagos4Lagos: People living with disabilities declare support


The daily increase in the number of supporters of the Lagos4Lagos movement has been ascribed to the readiness of Lagosians to change the current order in which only a privileged and connected few are comfortable; into one in which Lagos will work for all in Lagos.

During its visit to the Liberty Place, the joint Local Government Leaders of the National Association of Persons with Physical Disability, Lagos State Chapter, wholeheartedly declared their support, saying that they have found their expressions in the Lagos4lagos project.

The group committed to also be a part of the state, LGs/LCDAs and ward structures and to mobilize all their members to join the movement. This is coming some days after Team Jandor groups in the United Kingdom and United State of America met with the Lead Visioner, Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, via video conference, to endorse the Lagos4Lagos movement.

Delighted by the move, Jandor, as he is dotingly called, welcomed the great men and women, with assurances of embracing them as an integral part of the Lagos4Lagos movement.


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