Ondo 2020: Seven procedures for voting at the polling units


On Saturday, October 10, the people of Ondo State will be heading to the polls to vote for the governor who will pilot the affairs of the state in the next four years. Seventeen candidates are running for the coveted position in the state.

The voter population sits at 1,822,346, however, the number of persons expected to vote based on collected PVCs is 1,478,460, suggesting that 19 percent of those eligible to vote will not be partaking in the exercise. In a bid to ensure that the election is free and fair, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has laid down some guidelines aimed at helping voters be informed at about what to expect as voting gets underway.

There are 3,009 polling units in Ondo State, and below are 7 procedures voters are expected to observe at the polling booths.

1. At the polling unit, join the queue. An INEC official will check if you are at the correct polling unit and confirm that the PVC presented belongs to you.

2. An INEC official will confirm if your PVC is genuine using the card reader. You will be asked to place your finger on the card reader.

3. An INEC official will ask for your PVC and confirm you are listed in the Voters Register. Your name will be ticked and your finger will be inked to confirm you have voted. If your name is not found you cannot vote.

4. The Presiding officer will stamp, sign, and endorse your ballot paper. You will be given the ballot paper rolled with the printed side inwards and directed to the voting cubicle.

5. Stain your finger with the ink given and mark the box for your preferred candidate/party. Roll the ballot paper in the manner you were given and flatten it.

6. Leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the Polling Unit.

7. Leave the Polling Unit or wait if you so choose, in an orderly and peaceful manner, to watch the process up to the declaration of result.

According to the electoral umpire, the result of each Polling Unit will be pasted at the unit for everyone to see. Also, voters living with disabilities will be assisted to vote in the polling unit by a person chosen by him/her, other than a poll agent.


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