Lagos4Lagos: The kind of Governor Lagos needs


–       Jandor gives assessment report

Over the last few years, the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, Mr. Abdul – Azeez Olajide Adediran, took the bull by its horn to assemble like – minds to choose a better society by deciding who and how to be governed. The young man sponsored University scholarships for the needy, built ICT centre, empowered the women and widows, promoted sport competitions, and a lot more. To some people, it is an impossible mission, especially in a state like Lagos, but overtime, more people keyed into the Lagos4Lagos mission, with the youth taking the major roles to push through, from ward to ward, Local Governments/Local Council Development Areas, Divisions, Senatorial Districts and the state at Large.

Jandor, as he is famously called, did not only succeed at gaining the grassroots support, more leaders in the state have endorsed his vision, as well as more dedicated Nigerian citizens in the UK, America, Canada and Dubai have inaugurated their structures, with more to come. The initiator of the Lagos4Lagos movement gave an assessment on the journey so far.

The statement reads:

“Today, we make bold to say we have spread the gospel of our Lagos4lagos initiative round all the 57 LGAs/LCDAs and indeed to all the nooks and crannies within Lagos State. “A journey that is borne out of share will and belief that with our available resources, quality of life for Lagosians, especially the poor and vulnerable can be far better than what currently obtains.

“With this strong conviction, we have traversed our varying communities in Lagos, not only preaching hope and the assurance of a better tomorrow to our people, but clearly bringing them to the stark realisation of the vital role they must play to make the projected good days manifest, a required part we all had hitherto not paid the needed attention. “Our Lagos4Lagos initiative aims to make Lagos work for all that live in Lagos, and not a privileged few as we have had for many years now.

“And so from Epe to Badagry, from Ikorodu to Lagos Island, Alimosho to Amuwo Odofin, from villages to villages, from the water ways through the Riverine communities, my team and I have made hoards of converts who through our outreach, not only now have hope but are well aware and ready to put in the efforts required to turn things around positively for our dear state and her residents with an unbridled belief in our leadership to help steer this wheel to better fortunes. “Our state-wide engagements have given us that very rare privilege of knowing Lagos, her people and their peculiarities like the back of our hands, a development that would help in making a better judgment in terms of infrastructure upgrades and Social welfare for the people.

“We believe the days of experimenting with leadership are over and the time is ripe to do things differently, it’s time to stop accepting leaders foisted on us; it is time to choose a leader who understands Lagos beyond cosmopolitan Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki; it is time to choose a leader whose preparation for the exalted office can be verified, a Leader who envisioned to lead and works day and night towards achieving the Lagos of our dreams.”

“Dear Lagosians, it is time to elect a Governor that will not require a second level approval to make Lagos work for all”, Jandor expressed.


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