NCAA advises pilots, airline operators on severe weather


The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has advised pilots and airline operators on severe dust haze/fog phenomenon prevalent in Nigerian airports.

A statement by the aviation authority states that the adverse weather condition expected to subsist from October in the far North; November over the North Central; and December over the Southern part of the country. In addition, early morning fog may also be experienced in the months ahead especially along with the coastal areas in the South. “With the issuance of this circular signed by the Director-General, Capt Musa Nuhu, the NCAA-AEROMET-29 of August 2020 is accordingly cancelled. “This weather advisory circular is necessary to bring forth the evolving weather information to the attention of all stakeholders who need to perform their roles”.

Therefore, to ensure safe and efficient flight operations during this period, Pilots, Operators and Air Traffic Controllers Pilots are directed to observe a series of responsibilities enumerated below forthwith:

I.) Flight Crews/Operators and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) shall be conversant with each aerodrome weather minima and ensure strict adherence to the requirements;

(II) Air Traffic Controllers may temporarily close airspace when hazardous weather conditions such as heavy fog or severe dust haze reducing the visibility to below airport operating minimal are observed or forecast by Nimet;

(III.) Pilots/Flight Crew Members shall obtain adequate departure, en-route and destination weather information and briefing from Nimet Aerodrome Offices prior to flight operations; and

(IV.) Pilots shall exercise maximum restraint whenever adverse weather is observed or forecast by Nimet and briefed passengers accordingly. Travelling public are however urged to exercise restraint and show understanding in this yuletide month as flights may be delayed or cancelled on account of weather situations.

The regulatory authority has called for strict compliance to this Advisory Circular as violation would be viewed seriously.


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