Nigeria Journalists must approach their routine assignment purposefully – Dr Kolawole


The Deputy Executive Secretary (services) Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Dr. Isiaka Olayinka Kolawole has said Nigeria Journalists must approach their routine assignment purposefully with the relent or highlighting and shaping public discourse on the larger multi- dimensional issues.

Dr Kolawole who chaired the first lecture of the Nigerian union of Journalists (NUJ) Oyo State 2020 press week with the theme “Journalist and the Development of under development in Nigeria” Said “we are aware of the fact that journalists play one of the most vital roles in the socio- economic development of nation state and transformation of society. He said the management and dissemination of facts and information are known to have served as a catalyst for effective management of resources, efficiency in governance and steady progress towards sustainable and inclusive development.

From the foregoing therefore, practice of generating, managing and propagating factual information for societal development according to him is the bedrock of every civilized society. He said effective discharge of the Journalist’s Critical role as manager of information is what has earned Journalists and the Press as a whole, the unique recognition of being the fourth pillar that support the triune structure of government Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. Adding that being the fourth estate of the realm and playing such vital roles in social economic development, Journalist and Journalism practice can rightly be considered as one of the primary agent of development.

Dr Kolawole made it clear that development is a change process that targets the improvement of life of human being as well as the enhancement of the environment that man operate within. He said Journalists are expected to lead in the process of development communication which for all purposes and intent is aimed at innovating and institutionalizing a development plan that suit the peculiarities and specific yearning of each society. The Deputy Executive Secretary said the import of the journalist’s role in development communicate in his/her capacity to mold or influence public opinion in a manner that encourage positive and active participation of stakeholder in development programmes.

He opined that Nigeria Journalists have performed creditably well in this country and “ it remains doubtful if our journalist or the practice of journalist have used their platforms in engaging in unethical practices to the best of my knowledge, majority of practitioner have contributed immensely to the socio-economic development and transformation of the Nigeria Society” he said. According to Dr Kolawole in my candid opinion if one were to blame journalist for contributing to or developing underdevelopment in the country, it could only be on the basis of their not paying  due attention or to or emphasis on the right socio- economic indicators which could adequately inform and propped real development across all sector of the economy.

The Oyo NUJ 2020 press week featured public lecture by Lagos state commissioner for information and strategy Mr. Genga Omoloso among others.


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