COVID-19 tests accuracy needs improvement, says NMA


The Nigerian Medical Association has called on the Federal Government to provide comprehensive life insurance in place for doctors and other health personnel that risk their lives in the line of duty.

This is as NMA also said the accuracy of the testing for the Coronavirus should be improved upon. The organisation also demanded adequate protection for its members as the COVID-19 infection gets more frightening. The NMA also said doctors and other health workers are being paid abysmally low hazard allowance, adding that there are not enough Personal Protective Equipment available to doctors and other health workers in the frontline.

The Chairman of NMA in FCT, Dr. Enema Amodu, said this in a statement issued on Sunday morning in Abuja. He said, “Over the last few days, I have received several calls and messages on the 20 doctors that died across the country from the deadly Coronavirus within a week. The focus seemed to have shifted away from the facts of the matter to the sensationalism now attached to it.


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