COVID-19: IMN demands immediate release of El-Zakzaky, wife from detention


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) on Friday renewed the call for the immediate release of their embattled leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenat Ibrahim. This comes after his wife reportedly contracted COVID-19 in detention at Kaduna Correctional center.

IMN spokesperson, Ibrahim Musa in a statement made available said six days after contracting COVID-19 while in detention, Zeenat Ibrahim has not been taken to any specialised hospital to receive proper medical care. Musa notes that given her underlying medical conditions and age, her infection places her at heightened risk of severe illness or death, while on the other hand, Sheikh El-Zakzaky himself suffers from many underlying conditions that put him at high risk of developing life-threatening symptoms should he contract the virus.

“We all know that COVID-19 requires an immediate response of urgent adherence to medical advice, more so, Malama Zeenat Ibrahim has been denied treatment for acute medical conditions including severe arthritis of the knee for five years now. Yet she is still in Kaduna prison at the moment, yet to be hospitalised, and yet to receive proper health care. “The couple are due to appear in court on Monday, January 25 to face the charges brought against them by the government.

“We believe Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife should not be in custody in the first place. A competent court in Abuja freed both of them on December 2, 2016, but the government refused to obey the judgement of the court.


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