Lagos4Lagos hosts Easter prayers and worship, as Jandor appreciates members


The leadership of the fastest growing socio-political group in Lagos, the Lagos4Lagos Movement, under the leadership of the amiable Lead Visioner, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran, has expressed profound joy and gratitude to his team as he hosted them to a joyful moment of praise and worship at the Liberty Place, the headquarters and State Secretariat of the movement in celebration of the Easter season.

Jandor as he is popularly called echoed the necessity to uphold the virtue of oneness, unity and sense of purpose as a sure path to change the current narrative of overwhelming neglect of the populace over the years. Moving further, he reiterated the need to foster unity and be prayerful in these trying times in the light of the economic upheavals, insecurity and corruption that has ravaged our political scene for a long time.

Jandor was joined by anointed pastors in the Christian faith for the session. They prayed and preached love, peace and tolerance as practiced by Jesus Christ as the only way of achieving our desirable goals for the benefit of Lagosians and humanity in general.

In conclusion, Jandor recommitted to uphold the principle of making Lagos work for Lagos the fear of God at heart.


It is time!


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