FG launches free Digital Decoders in Lagos


The Federal Government on Thursday launched free set-top boxes in Lagos as part of its long-anticipated digital switchover (DSO) program. DSO will see the country move from analogue to digital broadcasting, which has the capacity to facilitate video-on-demand, audience measurement and a better viewing experience.

It also means a departure from poor signal and an end to the struggle with antennas. More than one million set-up boxes are said to be available for the initial roll-out. Speaking at the launch event in Lagos, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, said the set-top box does not require monthly subscriptions, except for an annual access fee of N1,500.

The set-top box will provide access to about 60 channels. “The switch-on of Lagos is unique and epochal, because it marks the first time that the DSO project would be beaming 60 choice channels to television households,” the Minister said. “This is not by accident. Lagos is Nigeria’s creative hub, hence it is important to harness the creative talents that abound in the state through this project.”

He added that the government is hopeful analogue broadcasting will be completely switched-off in the country by December 2022.


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