Jandor reassures Lagos workforce on Workers Day


It has undoubtedly been a challenging period for the workforce in the country especially in Lagos, the country’s economic hub and nerve centre. The sparring partnership of an already challenged economic environment and the visitation of the Covid-19 pandemic, which greatly exposed our state of preparedness regarding a robust support system for the vulnerable, dealt a combined blow on the polity with Lagos workers finding themselves inevitably at the short end of the stick. “In spite of the harsh and almost impossible situation, our people have persevered and endured”

These were the words of Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor), the Lead Visioner the Lagos4Lagos Movement in a statement of appreciation, commendation and reassurance to the entire workforce in Lagos in commemoration of this year’s Workers’ Day celebrations. He reiterated the workforce in Lagos as an all-important implementation pillar that works seamlessly and tirelessly to keep the economy going. Jandor also drew attention to the importance of a forward looking, creative and agile leadership that will not only utilize the resources of the state efficiently but also insulate the workforce in times of trouble as exemplified by the pandemic season which is still here with us.

Speaking further, Dr. Adediran emphasized that it is only through deliberate collective efforts and resolute courage to elect the right leadership that our dear state can fully reach and bask in its full potentials. Jandor reassured every Lagos worker who desires progress and development that the Lagos4Lagos Movement is set to champion these goals; he encouraged the entire Lagos workforce to work in alignment with the movement to get Lagos and her residents back to reckoning.

He concluded by wishing all workers in the nation, especially in Lagos, an exciting Workers’ Day celebrations while working towards a new Lagos that works for all, just ahead.


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