COVID-19 Third Wave Scare: Health Professional says Nigerians must cultivate the habit of regular hand wash


With scare of the third wave of the Novel Virus already hitting some countries across the world, Residents in the state have express worries stating that the world has not come to tense with that first and second wave let alone handling the third wave of the pandemic. As the say the experience of the ravaging effect of the Novel Virus since it’s outbreak in Wuhan China in December 2019 residents of state have express fear following the news of the potential third wave of the pandemic. Others believed that with the availability of the vaccine there should be little or no worries though there is still more to do as regards the acceptability of the vaccine by a lot of people.

On their part, medical practitioners and Health Professionals has emphasis the need for Nigerians to cultivates the habit of regular hand wash as the believe such habit has been the major means in combating the deadly virus. Their advice is that we must stick with the regular hand wash habit that have since be cultivated as a major tool to stopping the spreading of the virus. Speaking at an event organized to mark this year’s hand hygiene day the Chief Medical Director of University of Benin Teaching Hospital UBTH. Dr. Darlington Obaseki Call on strict adherence to hand wash he however reiterated that its dose doesn’t have to be just hand wash, a safe hand hygiene practice, when he said.

“Hand Washing has always been our culture as a people, over there year a lot of use have imbibed the habit of Washing our hands but the truth is to fight virus we have to adopt a high level of hand hygiene practices because we can’t depend on the kind of hand wash we have been practicing over the years. That is why as an organization we have long make safe hand hygiene a policy for all our doctors, nurses and caregivers so that we don’t have transfer of either virus of harmful organism from patients to doctors or doctors to patients which is a very terrible situation to handle”. he added.


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