Pantami: Activists petition DSS, IGP over alleged plots to blackmail Minister


Foremost civil rights activist and pro-democracy leader has bursted plans by certain powerful elements to fund the media campaign against Dr Isa Pantami. The activist in a petition to security agencies said he had evidence including names of the individual’s involved and expressed hope that the security agencies will act accordingly.

Comrade Isaac Abah said” a close comrade well known to him was offered money by the canal to supervise the media smear campaign against Dr Isa Pantami. He insisted that, the agenda was simply to demarket the Hon Minister and justify recent sponsored allegations. “They are determined to achieve their goal of destroying the young man’s reputation having failed in the recent past” this is totally unacceptable and unfair.

“Politicians should not take their personal grievances against each other to disrupt the system”. How do you seek someone resignation simply because you perceive him as a potential vice presidential candidate? This is inhumane” the activist maintained. “Nigerians must rise up to discourage this unfortunate trend because it is capable of distracting public officials who are committed to providing services for the well being of the masses”.

“We have led various advocacies to hold public officials to account at many times but we should not turn a blind eye when they are deliberately distracted”. “We believe the security agencies will take steps to ensure diligent investigation into our petition to serve as a deterrent to those committed to similar evil plans in the future.


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