PDP, APC trade words over insecurity in Imo


A war-of-words has ensued in Imo State regarding the security situation which has continued to be a thing of great concern for the Imo people and Nigeria as a whole. Reacting to what it termed a continually degenerating situation, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday asked Governor Hope Uzodinma to resign.

The opposition party urged the governor to throw in the towel, arguing that he (Uzodinma) has failed to secure the lives and property of the Imo people.

At a conference in Owerri, the Chairman of the PDP in the state, Charles Ugwu, said the call has become necessary because of an evident lack of the capacity of the ruling party to guarantee the safety and security of lives and property in Imo.

According to Ugwu, emerging developments suggest that the governor has no answer to the spate of killings in the state. The PDP urged the Federal Government to set up a high-powered panel to investigate the actual cause behind the gruesome murder of former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak, which occurred in the state on Sunday morning.


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