Climate Change: Stakeholders task Government at all level on Ecosystem Restoration


The Federal Government of Nigeria has been charged to declare a state of Environmental Emergency for Ecosystem Restoration. The charge is in line with the United Nations declaration of 2021-2030 as Decade for Ecosystem Restoration with a task on Government at all levels to chat a pathway for the Ecosystem Restoration as bid to maintain a rich biodiversity that will improve the livelihood of millions of people and as well enhance the earth’s biological diversity.

Globally, National Environmental Emergency is urgently required to raise awareness and restore living in harmony with nature. And to this end, the Environmental Right Action ERA as a body is organizing as Stakeholders, meeting to charge Government at all level to declare a State of Environmental Emergency for Ecosystem Restoration. The group who also believe that there is need to embark on some radical and deep transformation in global production and consumption pattern, when the Executive director of Environmental Right Action ERA. Dr. Godwin Ojo in is address hint on the needs to return back to the natural form of nature.

When he said “for decades, scientific evidence show that the impact and pressure of our productive activities related to our addictive dependence on mining and fossil fuel extraction, extensive livestock farming, industrial agriculture, gigantic infrastructure, fisheries, forestry. hence these harmful activities required a roll back.” He added. Why others traced the conflicts occurring between cattle herders and Farmers over land and the rise of militant/religious extremist groups to Ecosystem disturbance.

Professionals are now calling for a return to Practices that best promotes a robust Ecosystem restoration.


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