Gareth Southgate: England boss hopes to lead team at 2022 Qatar World Cup


England manager Gareth Southgate says he hopes to guide the team to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but needs time to rest before considering contract talks. Southgate spoke to media on the morning after England’s Euro 2020 final shootout loss to Italy and said he felt like his “stomach has been ripped out”.

He is under contract until after the 2022 winter World Cup and the Football Association is keen to renew his deal. “As I sit here today, I would want to be taking the team to Qatar,” he said. “We of course have to qualify for Qatar. I need some time to watch last night’s game again, to reflect on the tournament. “I need a rest. It’s an amazing experience to lead your country in these tournaments, but it takes its toll.”

Southgate was visibly dejected as he addressed the media around 12 hours after England’s dramatic Wembley defeat in the country’s first major men’s final since the 1966 World Cup. He stressed his desire to not rush contract talks was “not financial” and that it was “great” to have the Football Association’s “internal support”. “But there’s a lot to think through,” he added. “I feel we’ve made progress over four years. A lot of things we’ve done right and we know this team isn’t at its peak yet.

“When you’re in sport and you get to finals, those opportunities are so rare, so to be close, it’s very hard the day after. You have given everything – the emotions are drained. “We will go again. It’s too easy to say we can go to the World Cup in Qatar and win – that’s a bit glib. We still have to qualify, we still have to win. You have to start the cycle again.


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