2023 Presidential Election: Again, PDP group warns Atiku not to waste party’s ticket


A political pressure group under the aegis of PDP Action 2023 has warned again that to give the former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar another chance as PDP presidential candidate is to ensure a clear defeat for the party in 2023. In a statement made available to newsmen and signed by the Chairman of the group, Hon. (Dr.) Rufus Omeire insisted that Atiku should act as a statesman in the party instead of denying younger politicians the opportunity to try their luck.

“In our last Press Statement, we frowned at Alh. Atiku for abandoning PDP members by running away to live in Dubai, after the elections, shielding himself from PDP members, only for him to re-surface now that the Presidential primaries are at hand. “In his response, we are surprised Alh. Atiku claimed that his absence from Nigeria for so long was to acquire a Degree from Cambridge University. “On the contrary, the entire country is aware that he relocated to Dubai, where he even had his highly advertised COVID Vaccination even before the vaccine was available to ordinary Nigerians.

“It is disingenuous for Atiku to claim that he was in school in Cambridge, London when he actually lived in Dubai. “If he enrolled in University of Cambridge, for a part time course, he could have as well done the programme from Nigeria. He should come clean with the truth, apologise to PDP faithful for letting them down and step aside. He will be better playing a role as elder statesmen as we earlier suggested.

“What is more, he is on record to have boasted during the 2018 Presidential primaries, that he was the ONLY candidate with the financial MUSCLE and otherwise, to face President Buhari and defeat him. Alas, he wasted the ticket of PDP. He mismanaged and dashed the trust, hopes and votes of PDP members and Nigerians. He lost in all the North West States, lost in 4 of the 6 North East States where he hails from, lost in virtually all the South-West and North Central States and managed to eke out a slim victory in South East and South South States. In fact he won in his home state of Adamawa with only 32,000 votes!.


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