Lagos4Lagos sets the records straight on Kayode Opeifa’s volte-face


***Says his action vindicated Jandor’s reservations against adoption of a political orphan like Opeifa

The attention of the Lagos4Lagos movement has been drawn to a statement credited to the former Lagos State Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Kayode Opeifa, purportedly dissociating himself from the recently published Delegates List following the last APC congress held in Lagos. While we would have loved not to join issues with Mr. Opeifa who came to seek refuge at the Lagos4Lagos Movement after being schemed out in Agege by the Speaker Obasa led group, it is important to set the record straight and educate members of our party and the general public on what really transpired.

Though it is not surprising that Opeifa, in his usual manner of treachery and paying his benefactors in bad coin, has once again demonstrated his ignoble character. In this particular instance, we are obliged as a responsible movement to expose the shenanigans of a man apparently without honour. We are not unaware of the dilemma faced by many politicians in Lagos, who would have loved to identify openly with the Lagos4Lagos movement but are apprehensive of losing the crumbs they are currently enjoying considering the fact that they have never on their own, independently aspired to be anything and stick to such; they have always been called forward and handed political positions, the latest  volte face by Opeifa on a list he submitted several names to be on, is to say the least, highly disappointing.

In view of Opeifa’s feeble attempt at dissociating himself from a list that he laboriously begged to be listed on, only to come out to deny moments after the list was published by the PUNCH Newspapers, we would like to state as follows:

1.     Mr Opeifa approached Honourable Sunday Ajayi, our Apex Leader in Agege and pleaded that his name and some of his followers should be included on our list of Ward Executives and Delegates of Agege Local Government.

2.     Specifically, Mr Opeifa pleaded that his name should be written as Kayode O. Isiaka, as against Kayode Opeifa that the general public knows him with.

3.     Opeifa, through several correspondences with Hon. Ajayi, followed up to confirm if the list, including his name was eventually considered.

It is laughable to think that a man, who quickly dismissed a list because of his involvement, failed to talk about other names of his loyalists which he submitted to the movement. In fact, some of the individuals whose names he submitted to the Lagos4Lagos movement for consideration on the Ward Executives have since expressed their shock and sense of betrayal on Opeifa’s latest tirade.

Kayode Opeifa couldn’t have been one of the very few notable APC stalwarts our Lead Visioner approached to be part of this movement, considering his very inconsistent and incoherent nature, attributes that run contrary to the set goals of Lagos4Lagos Movement and that our Lead Visioner, who as a matter of fact, predicted this outcome the moment he noticed Kayode Opeifa’s name on Agege Delegates list.

The least Hon. Kayode Opeifa would have done was to show appreciation to a group who tried to bring him back to political relevance but his treacherous nature as always, got the better of him.


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