Poju Oyemade asks FG to invest in education, vocational training


The Senior Pastor of The Covenant Nation, Lagos, Pastor Poju Oyemade, has asked the Federal Government to invest in the nation’s education sector and the vocational training of Nigerians. He made the call on Friday in Abuja during The Platform’s Independence Anniversary event, an annual programme that features professionals from different fields.

According to him, wealthy nations only focus on developing the skills of their citizens and those who are capable of doing things that only a few people on the earth can do. Nations that have developed their citizens’ skills, he said, attract material capital with a special focus on the unseen while other countries focus on the seen. “If we really know what the wealth is, then the first thing we will look at for in this country is our educational system,” he said.

“The second thing we will look out for is how much specialised vocational training is going to produce highly skilled people.” While making reference to a report, Oyemade said some countries (including Nigeria)have governing policies that give a negative intangible capital.

He faulted Nigerian politicians who only understand the language of power and how to sustain it, decrying the level of corruption level in the country. “The only two things politicians – who are the decision makers – understand is how do we get to power and the second language they understand – If we are in power, how do we hold unto it?” Oyemade said.


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