We have the numbers to win any free and fair electoral contest in Lagos APC – Lagos4Lagos Apex Chairperson


It’s no longer news that the Tinubu Faction of the Lagos APC could not withstand the huge support base the Lagos4lagos movement enjoys across the state, hence their opting for a kangaroo consensus arrangement for the just concluded Congresses from Ward to the state level. The Chairperson, Lagos4Lagos apex leaders, Princess Adenrele Adeniran-Ogunsanya stressed that the numerical strength of the group, saying Lagos4lagos holds the ace in Lagos APC due to its vast political structure.

Speaking during a radio interview on Nigeria Info 99.3, Adenrele Ogunsanya noted that the group has always challenged the undemocratic elements in the APC to test their popularity on the field against the aspirants of the movement in a free and contest. “I am a democrat and our members also imbibe the tenets of democracy. They did not invite us. We can’t go to beg them because we have the numbers. Why would we run away from a contest? You saw how Fouad Oki (Chairmanship aspirant) was turned back from the venue of their congress”.

Asked to comment on the group’s grievances against the party, Ogunsanya noted that attempts by certain element within the party to stifle and muzzle opinions while denying them their rights to aspire or freely choose their leaders could destroy the party. Hear her: “Some people get overly intoxicated with power and they think they can boss everybody around. Is it not funny that some people still ask me the question of why someone would try to contest the governorship election when there is an occupant in Alausa? Everyone has a God-given right to become what he or she wants to be. There is also the constitutional right to choose from who to lead me. For them, they are just used to the same process of selection and not election.”

She added: “Incidentally, I laughed and laughed on Wednesday (20th) when I got my delegate card from Acme (Lagos APC headquarters) for an election that took place last Saturday (16th). For whatever it is, I thanked them for the piece of paper”. In a similar vein, Princess Ogunsanya has decried the humiliation and intimidation of its members across the Local Governments by the ruling APC. She stated that genuine reconciliation would remain elusive in Lagos APC if the party fails to imbibe justice, fairness and equity in it’s dealings with party members.


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