Lagos4Lagos spokesperson to Seye Oladejo: Jandor has never survived on political patronage or appointment


…says a political jobber like the APC spokesperson lacks the moral standing to attack a courageous and independent minded Jandor.

Recently, the APC spokesperson, Seye Oladejo, spoke to a group of journalists on what has suddenly become his pastime and headache-Jandor’s decision to dump the APC for the opposition PDP. Among other things, the APC hireling also went on a long tirade of attacking the personality of our Lead Visioner Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor)while also undermining the undeniable strength of our movement. While we understand the APC’s dilemma in trying to solve what has become the greatest political puzzle for them and their paymaster, it is pertinent to note that the resort to mischief and blackmail against Jandor or Lagos4Lagos, will surely boomerang, as previous attempts did.

Despite Seye’s tissues of half-baked lies and innuendos, it was evident for any discerning mind to notice the obvious contradictions in most of his submissions during the interview. Suffice to stress that, beneath the hogwash of. Seye Oladejo’s outburst lies a deep frustration that stems from the growing popularity of a movement he once tagged “mere rabble rousers”. Regardless of their penchant to play politics on falsehood and cheap propaganda, however, we owe Lagosians a duty to run an objective campaign based on truths and facts backed by verifiable evidence. We strongly believe that   the serial lies by this grossly uninformed spokesperson trying to launder the image of a sinking party poses a severe danger to the general public.

Jandor’s declaration at TBS: It shows a lack of understanding of politics or a deliberate attempt to distort facts for someone like Seye Oladejo who has been in politics for close to three decades to call an event, attended by 6 sitting Governors, 3 former Governors, former Senate President, Federal lawmakers, state and national executives of the party led by the national Chairman, a “non-event”? However, a clear understanding of Seye’s position will clearly tell any critical mind of how Seye and his ilk’s years of “learning the ropes” has only succeeded in producing yes men, who cannot attract any goodwill outside of their godfather’s.

What Seye referred to as a non-event is something alien to the APC. It is both historic and significant. In the 23 years of ruling Lagos, the party has never witnessed such roll call of political heavyweights for a decampee from other parties. If in doubt, we challenge Seye or the present puppet at Alausa to jump ship and see if they can attract such unprecedented roll call of eminent party chieftains and staggering followers. While we wouldn’t like to join words with Seye or the APC on whether Jandor is a political starter or not, we would like to state that even as a starter as they claim, Jandor has started strongly and accomplished within a short time what the likes of Seye and his co-travellers in the “Baba Sope” train could not dare.

Apparently envious of Jandor’s rising political profile, which has warmed him into the hearts of PDP Governors, chieftains at both state and national levels, political urchins like Seye would do everything to denigrate a courageous and independent mind like Jandor. On the spurious claim by Seye Oladejo that the massive crowd at the TBS on the declaration day was “a rented crowd with some hired from neighbouring states”, it would be interesting for him to produce the so-called individuals who got money to be at the venue, especially from his native Oyo state, where he hired thugs from Lagos to realize an inordinate ambition to “secretly” contest for a political office while still fighting for political positions accruable to his Mushin constituency from the state, some years ago. On Seye’s tirade against the threat of Lagos4Lagos and its Lead Visioner, to the Lagos APC. Again, it is unsurprising that the APC in his usual self-imposed hallucination would choose to attack the persona of Jandor rather than address the real issues posed by the question asked by the reporter.

Just about two weeks ago, a faceless writer sponsored by the APC wrote a malicious report calling Jandor “mere cameraman at LTV”.  In what seems like a rehash of the lazy, irresponsible effort, the APC spokesperson, again in this interview tried to attack Jandor’s personality by referring to him as a LTV camera man”. Without degrading the noble profession of a camera handler, it is important to first note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the profession and then understand that such a statement, from a trained professional in the mould of the image maker of a party, seeking to look down on people and their profession only highlights a depraved state of the mind. Nonetheless, it will be wrong to let the APC”s spokesperson deliberate mis-information fester by not putting the records straight.

Jandor has never handled a camera as a profession. He is a trained broadcast Journalist who joined the establishment of Lagos Television in 2002 as intern, got employed thereafter and resigned in 2008 to set up CORE MEDIA SERVICES LTD and later CORE TV NEWS, a digital terrestrial channel in 2013. Unlike political jobbers like Seye with no alternative address, Jandor has never survived on political patronage or appointment. Beside his investment in the media industry, Jandor has consulted widely for various private organizations, Governments at State and Federal level in Nigeria.

Finally, we will like to reiterate that the movement of Jandor to the opposition PDP has signposted the final burial of the APC. We urge Seye and his paymasters to continue to live in denial. Just like the interviewer alluded to, there are many APC chieftains silently backing this mission to free Lagos from the shackles of oppression. We also want to use this medium to tell the APC that no amount of mischief, blackmail or intimidation will stop a new united Lagos PDP from birthing a Lagos that works for All come 2023.

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