Work permit restrictions row: Nigerian professionals in UAE embark on narrative-changing campaign


Nigeria professionals living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have commenced a narrative campaign online to appeal the work permit restriction by the country. President of the group, Professional Nigerians in UAE, Kayode Ogungbohun is leading the campaign.

He spoke on Monday during an interview on Channels Television programme, Sunrise Daily monitored by Core TV News that the campaign started after the problem was identified and it is aimed at projecting Nigerians living in UAE, positively. “We saw the problem, although we don’t have any official reason why UAE took the decision. We speculated that some things were done by Nigerians in terms of not obeying the law of the host country. So, we came up with the solution to speak to ourselves to be law-abiding, to appeal and pacify to the UAE government to allow all categories of jobs to be given to Nigerians.

“Because these jobs that they are not giving to Nigerians is being given to people of other nationalities. “The #iamNigerian campaign is aimed to project us positively. Nigerians are now aware that there is a problem in our hands. We have left the stage of denial and realised that there is a problem, and it is everyone’s responsibility to play a role,” Ogungbohun explained.

He added that the campaign which commenced 14 days ago is helping to project Nigerians and how Nigerian professionals contribute to UAE’s economy. “We can’t fold our hands and do nothing,” he said.


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