Jandor to Sanwo-Olu: 2,378,794 out-of-school Lagos children are still up for adoption


***Says the Governor’s purported offer of hope to Suwebat and Amarachi further exposed failure of his administration in education sector.

A report on Governor Sanwoolu verified social media handle today, portraying him as performing an extraordinary feat and giving hope to two out of school children has again exposed the unpreparedness and failure of Governance by the APC under Sanwoolu. It is noteworthy that what ordinarily could have passed as given, if the Governor had done its constitutional duty of seeing to the well-being of Lagosians is being celebrated as an extraordinary gesture by the Governor.

According to the report, Gov. Babajide Sanwoolu was on his way to an official function when he momentarily halted his convoy to behold two underage girls on an errand for their poor mother during school hours. The report only exposed the Governor as someone who lacks a basic understanding of his responsibilities and duties in line with the constitution. Some critical issues raised in the report will help understand how the Governor has reduced governance to a circus show. The government poor investment in education has created a yawning gap between public and private education

It would be interesting for the Government to find out why despite the supposed affordability of public education in the state, parents and guardians still prefer to send their wards to private schools. The same pressure the unfavourable policies of this Government has placed on the parents of these poor girls are also being faced by Lagosians of all tribes.

The government has not done enough in its advocacy to help to promote girl-child education, hence you have thousands of Suwebat’s and Amarachi’s, roaming the streets and who may not have the opportunity of “running into the Governor for adoption. Finally, we will like to let Governor Sanwoolu know that there are still 2,378,794 out of school children still available for the Governor’s adoption gesture.

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