Lawmaker laments over unabated killings in Nigeria, seeks Senate’s intervention


A Federal Lawmaker Senator George Sekibo has expressed frustration and dismay at the unabated killings of Nigerians.

Speaking during Wednesday’s plenary session, Senator Sekibo said it is appalling that over 170 people were killed in less than two days. He warned that it is either the Senate finds a solution to the mayhem or stop discussing insecurity altogether as it is embarrassing.

However, Senate President Ahmad Lawan disagreed with Sekibo, pointing out that the National Assembly must never get tired of talking about insecurity in the country.

According to him, the role of the legislature is clearly defined and the parliament has provided more funds for security agencies to fight insecurity. The Senate President said that more than any other assembly, the present set of lawmakers has also passed more resolutions about insecurity than any other.

But he admitted that the lives of Nigerians are under constant threat.


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