Joint National Association of People with Disability gives stern warning on infringement of trademark


The Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD) has cautioned individuals as well as some organisations against the use of their trademark for malicious intent. In a statement jointly signed by the Board and National Executive Members of the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities in Abuja.

The Board   gave a stern warning on all individuals who are planning on using the name of the group to enrich themselves to desist or be penalized. The Board reels out its concerned over several uncoordinated and unregulated activities with its instituted structures across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). JONAPWD says it will take actions against such infringement and misuse of its name and logo. Any entity infringing, abusing or misusing JONAPWD’s name and logo in any medium or form is hereby advised to stop doing so immediately.

The Board further advise all duty bearers and right holders both private, public and development partners against subscribing to interventions initiated by any legal or illegal entity that claims it has been authorized or licensed by JONAPWD to embark on any project or programme, such alignments escalate associated risks militating against projected outcomes, come its long-term positive impacts in the disability communities”.

“Our recent analysis has revealed that amongst other factors, the aforementioned trend has detrimental consequences against the pursuit of JONAPWD’s core mandates. Worrisomely, it has strongly hindered JONAPWD’s ability to robustly articulate its annual programmes and financial performances, defaces the actualities about how JONAPWD is performing and how it plans to improve its national interventions. The board further stated that it is determined to sustain effective intergroup actions directed at conflict prevention and reduction.


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