Buhari salutes Nigerians excelling in diaspora, urges them to give back


President Muhammadu Buhari has commended Nigerians living in the United States for the exemplary roles they are playing in their different areas of endeavour, urging them to continue in that line to earn the respect of their hosts. Speaking Saturday at the Townhall Meeting with Nigerians in the Diaspora, in New York, President Buhari said:

“It is gratifying for me to note that many Nigerians in the USA have continued to excel in their careers leading to some being appointed into the cabinet of His Excellency President Joe Biden. “Similarly, many have been elected/appointed into various responsible and competitive positions in the United States of America. I congratulate those who have brought honours and pride to our country. I thank and commend them for their respective successes as I equally urge them to demonstrate the highest sense of responsibilities in order that they continue to remain reference points of excellence as they serve human kind in this country.

“As always, I wish to emphasise the absolute necessity for each and every one of you to continue to remain law-abiding as you live in the United States of America and comport yourselves in such exemplary manners that should earn you the privilege of reference as good Ambassadors of Nigeria. “In order to earn yourselves collective self-respect within the communities you live in, you must live with one another peacefully and continue to do so without sub-divisions amongst yourselves. As you may know, as a people, we shall always be stronger together.”


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