Harry Maguire: England and Manchester United centre-back criticised more than ever seen before in football – Luke Shaw


Luke Shaw says England and Manchester United team-mate Harry Maguire receives more criticism than he has “ever seen before in football”. Centre-back Maguire made mistakes in the build-up to two of Germany’s three goals in England’s 3-3 draw on Monday.

His selection, and place in Gareth Southgate’s starting line-up, has been questioned after he was dropped earlier in the season by United. “Harry is an amazing player, an amazing character,” Shaw told BBC Radio 5 Live. “He’s taken a lot of stick – probably more than I’ve ever seen before in football. “He never hides away, he’s always there. You can have people who can hide away and not want to be in the spotlight. He keeps putting himself in the spotlight, it shows the strength and character he’s got.

“Everybody knows he’s an unbelievable player. At the moment the confidence might not be there because it could feel like the whole world is against him. “It’s tough for him, but us as players and staff are all behind him because he’s a very important player. It shows Gareth’s trust because he’s played in both games [this week] – and look at the Euros what he’s done.

“People need to understand he’s a big part of the England team and have to accept it.”


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