Nigeria At 62: Lagos PDP celebrates with Nigerians, says hope beckons


The occasion of the Independence of Nigeria as a sovereign country is one event that every citizen of this great Nation, Nigeria should celebrate. Despite our diversity, cultural differences we all still engage our collaborative efforts to remain as a Nation after all these years with deep considerations to the fibres that bound us together as people, tribe, clan and language. On behalf of the leadership of our great party the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP in Lagos State and our amiable Governorship and Deputy Governorship candidates Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran – Jandor and Funke Akindele respectively, we felicitate with the people of the State of Excellence on this Independence Day celebration.

The Peoples Democratic Party – PDP been the only viable political party in Nigeria, and with people oriented ideologies and structure for the attainment of good governance for our country and our dear Lagos State, we urge the people of the state to find a reason to celebrate the Nation and our collective achievements so far. Stating the obvious, there is hunger, joblessness,  economic depression, high cost of living and surviving  through on a daily basis have become a struggle for an average citizen in the State. Our party feels your pulse and share your pain with your daily struggles aim at sustaining yourselves and familied and we are poised and working hard to bring succour to you when our party is elected to take over governance in Lagos State in 2023 by the special grace of God.

We urge the people of the State to celebrate our democratic dispensation and the sustenance and to take solace in the opportunities provided by the tenets of democracy one of which provides for the people to choose their leaders during the elections. As 2023 elections provide such opportunity, it is time for the people of the State to choose to breathe a fresh air of freedom and wrestle the State from imperialism and elitist oriented governance which has continued to hold the people of the state by the jugular.

As the founding fathers of this Nations struggled for the emancipation of our dear Nation from foreign imperialism, 2023 election provides the opportunity for this generation especially the youth to emancipate Lagos State from the hands of “sectionalized clique of looters” who have continued to share the wealth of the state among themselves to the detriment of the good people who labour daily to keep the State working and functional. JandorFunke candidacy provides the opportunity for a choice of Breath of Fresh Air.

Once Again, Happy Independence Celebration to all Lagosians!

Happy Independence Celebration to all Nigerians!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria Thank you.


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