Fuel Scarcity: Flight cancellations imminent, Airline Operators warn


The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) has warned passengers of impending disruptions in scheduled flight operations due to the scarcity of aviation fuel, otherwise known as JET-A1. AON Spokesman, Obiora Okonkwo, in a statement, said the scarcity of the essential commodity during the Christmas and New Year festivities will “force airlines to reschedule flights leading to late operations and, or, cancellations”.

With kidnapping ubiquitous on major highways, Nigerians are wont to make inter-state trips by air. Commercial airlines usually experience surge in passenger traffic at this time of the year as families visit their home states from major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, amongst others for communal gatherings which have become significant cultural symbols of the end-of-year season.

However, air passengers might not have it so easy this year-end with the scarcity of JET-A1. “This unintended development is a pain on airline operators and a stain on the industry especially at this time of mass movement of people for the Christmas and New Year festivities. “While we do our utmost best to manage the situation and ensure safe flight operations, we plead the understanding of the traveling public in the circumstance.

“We also call on the concerned authorities including product importers and marketers to do their best to resolve this ugly situation so as to ease the stress it brings on the travelling public,” the operators said.


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