Lagosians must reject godfathers and their puppets


It has come to our notice that a certain political leader in Lagos PDP has tacitly endorsed a gubernatorial candidate in an attempt to replace the godfather of the outgoing APC who has held the state by the jugular for 24years. We make bold to say that the current realities have shown that Lagosians are determined to defeat godfatherism in the 2023 elections. They have been under the jackboot of this monstrous malaise over the years and it would seem the moment of breakthrough was nigh. In the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections, their resoluteness resonated beyond borders and the overlords who have continuously held our dear Lagos captive got the message loud and clear!

The will and courage to effect change, as demonstrated at the polls on February 25, are quite noticeable and commendable. Despite the orchestrated violence, intimidation and threats by the temporary wielders of power in the state, Lagosians trooped out in large numbers to confront the hegemony of godfathers with their votes. Although the electoral outcome has become a subject of contention, with prospects of litigation on the radar, it is our considered view that the coming gubernatorial election presents the perfect opportunity to finally kill godfatherism in Lagos.

The Lagos4Lagos Movement, which is led by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Dr Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (JANDOR), abhors godfatherism and is absolutely unwavering in its commitment to rejecting this parasitic destruction in whatever form it manifests itself. Against this backdrop, we wish to distance the PDP standard bearer and the Party in its entirety from the recent purported endorsement of Mr Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour for the governorship of Lagos by Chief Bode George, who has expressed displeasure in JANDOR’s demeanour about godfatherism. The good people of Lagos must know that the endorsement of the Labour Party candidate was never in good faith; rather it was made out of sheer desperation by failed politicians to cash in on the growing demand for a new order as well as popular clamour for a breath of fresh air in our dear state.

It is crystal clear that a vibrant movement is currently sweeping through Lagos to wrest the state from the stranglehold of plunderers that have stunted its growth for almost 24 years of democracy and redirect it towards the path of attaining full potential. It would be foolhardy to escape from Hitler’s concentration camp and race for succour in Putin’s enclave. There is no wisdom in breaking loose from the Tinubu tyranny and beginning another journey under Bode George’s dictatorship. It is tantamount to jumping from frying pan to fire. From all indications, Jandor remains the only governorship candidate that will never do the bidding of any godfather. He joined this gubernatorial race to promote worthy causes that would enhance the collective well-being and security of Lagosians and Nigerians in general.

The PDP candidate is independent-minded and will not cave in to the rapacious desires of reactionary forces. He has proved that he can hold his own on a number of occasions. He maintained his stance during the selection process of his running mate, Olufunke Akindele. Jandor has the enviable track record that would always endear him to discerning voters and he should be supported by all genuine lovers of Lagos. As Lagosians head to the polls on Saturday, we hereby urge them to be circumspect in exercising their civic responsibility. We ask them to reject godfathers and their puppets outright.

Neither those who have trampled on our psyche and collective rights nor those who surreptitiously seek to replace them through self-serving endorsement deserve electoral investments. Let Lagosians rise and support the gubernatorial ticket that is truly independent and offers the clearest route to achieving a WEALTHY Lagos.


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